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The debut album of Fragment Soul under the name Axiom of Choice is out now!

Released at May 7th 2021.

Feat. Heike Langhans (Draconian)

Guest appearance Egan O’Rourke (Daylight Dies)

The album released via Sleaszy Rider SRL.

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The album is a full length album of 42 minutes of prog/dark-melancholic metal.

Progressive metal from a Sorrowful World.
A sweet melancholy with a glimpse of hope inside a horror reality.




Metal Hammer Greece 9/10.

“Wonderful masterpiece. I admire them. Axiom of Choice is not an album, it is transcendental.”



Fragment Soul is a progressive-metal band formed in 2016 in Greece.

The band consists of

-Vocalist Nick Argyriou.

-Bass Spiros Georgiou.

-Guitars Dimitris Louvros.

-Keys/Piano Vangelis Kakarougkas.

-Drums and percussion Kostas Mylonas.

Special member Heike Langhans, from the very well-known doom death metal band Draconian, as vocalist.

Recordings of bass guitar, guitars, lead vocals and hammonds took place at Tube Studio (Corfu, Greece).

Fragment Soul came in contact with Linus Corneliusson from prestigious Fascination Studios who would take on the mixing, and also with Tony Lindgren to do the mastering of the album finally called “Axiom of Choice”.

Axiom of Choice is a concept album that represents a journey through romance, torment, fear and, at the end of it, an unexpected tranquility that drives the main characters into despair and deliverance alike.